SCS S3 6 Rider 1000m Helmet Intercom Bluetooth FM with noise cancellation


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Cant afford Expensive Intercoms available in market !!
The SCS® Intercoms are cost-effective and its performance is comparable to the $300 on the market.
▪ Full-duplex 8 riders
▪ Supports 240 km/hr maximum riding speed.
▪Communication distance up to 5 km.
▪Independent rider up to 1000 Meters.
▪Auto re-connect feature with paired intercom upon disconnection due long range.
▪Use 30 mm speaker to provide high quality full range of sound effects.
▪Use CVC technology to reduce input and output audio noise.
▪Button on S3 activates voice command for help.
▪Connect non-Bluetooth devices such, as GPS navigation or speed detectors via 2.5-3.5 mm cable.
▪Waterproof and dust proof: Can be used in any weather conditions.
▪Bluetooth CSR V4.1
▪Support up to 10 hours of talk time.
▪Support up to 14 days of standby.
▪Battery Capacity : 1000 mAh
▪Power detection function: Voice messages to remind residual battery power (> 90%, > 60%, < 50% & < 10%).

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